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Why CJ's is the Right Choice

Intensified Service!
  • Weekly Visits / Not monthly to inspect equipment for brew temperature, scale buildup, cleanliness, decanters, possible upgrades

  • Weekly Visits / Not monthly to monitor inventory levels. By keeping a closer watch on inventory levels you keep more of your cash flow working for you and not tied up in inventory

  • Weekly Visits / Not monthly to keep customer satisfaction high

  • Same day follow up on calls. (Usually within minutes!)

State of the Art Equipment
  • CJ's has the most technologically advanced brewing equipment on the market today

  • From the standard Pour Over to Bottle Water Brewer to the most flexible Vending equipment there is

  • All CJ's equipment comes with PDS Valves, and Cuno water filtration systems. Features that you don't find with other companies. (NO cost to the customer)

Highest Quality Coffee!

All products have been screened for the highest quality to deliver delicious results cup after cup.

All coffees are less than four weeks old from roast

Complete flexibility of pack and case size from fractional one pot packs to pound packs to whole bean


CJ's is always protecting the customer against erratic movements in the coffee market and passing the savings on to the customer

Small Enough to Make a BIG Difference!

CJ's routes are designed to place maximum emphasis on satisfying the customer's needs

CJ's is community involved and locally owned and spends 100% of its projects right in the West. Not Toronto or Montreal

Testimonials always available. A proven track record that we're proud of!

More? Yes! Just ask US!

If this isn't your coffee service company, then it should be!

If you are currently using a coffee service company and CJ's price list for COFFEE is not less than your price, we guarantee it to be 5% less than what you are currently paying!
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